Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Moon Flower Buck: WIP 1

And I'm back! Wow did we have a great week away. I got all the time I needed to rest my weary head and my pregnant body. Now it's back to the grind though, but I feel that all the energy I lost is back and I am ready for another month of hard work before baby arrives. So yesterday I thought I'd take some own time and started sculpting something that has been in my mind for probably about a year now. The Moon Flower Buck!
I've had this creature in my mind for quite some time and yesterday was the day I finally felt ready to sculpt him. He is a creature of Tomodachi Island that I will tell you more about once he is finished. He is a flower God anyway.
 I started with building a base out of wire and foil, as I always do. Sculpey tends the go brittle if you layer it to thick and it won't bake properly in the middle when you burn it.
 After that I work out the rough shape with sculpey and then work on the finer details such as crinkles and wrinkles.
 I found it important to start with the body in this particular sculpt. I normally start with the head, but it was so important that the head was the right size and didn't look to big and clumsy on the body.

 Once the head was in place I could start working on the little features...
Such as the ears and the horns. I don't sculpt them straight on to the creature as I need to dress him in fur. But I have made little holes in the head where the ears and horns can be glued in to after the fur is in place.
There he is in all his shiny naked glory. Ready to go in the oven :)
 Baked and ready to be sanded. I tried the horns and ears out on him properly and they look lovely!
Sanding is the most tedious and boring job so I won't have you sit through that. But he is ready to be primed now anyway. I will prime him later today and hopefully start the paint job later tonight. I can't finish him yet though as I am waiting for some decorations for him. I am very excited about this little buck though. He is my biggest sculpture so far and I really can't wait to finish him. He stands about 31.5 cm tall at the moment (without the horns) and about 22 cm wide. He's going to be soooo purdy!!!

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