Monday, 27 May 2013

My first Sculpture - The Turnip Thief

 This is my first EVER sculpture and I finished it two days ago. I am so happy with it and it has pushed me and an tested me on all levels. Not only that but it has given me a creative spark that is hard to describe. I think this is what I was always meant to do. It took me about a week to complete and I've been working on it more or less every day. I'm looking forward to making more of these in the future indeed, however it is very time consuming and not cheap but I don't care. I need to do more!

We decided to take him out for a photo shoot yesterday as I feel that this little creature is something special and need a special environment. The photos came out great and the Turnip Thief came alive in its forest surrounding. He also caught allot of peoples attention. One man came running up to my boyfriend with his camera ready shouting "Is it an OWL!" hahaha... I would love to hide in the forest and put this little fella down and watch peoples reactions for a day lol!

Here are the rest of the photos:
The Turnip Thief can be bought from our Etsy shop :) with FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Turnip Thief...

I have finally started my first furry sculpture. Started it all last night. The only thing that has held me back from starting on it is basically finding nice glass eyes to work with. But I have been stupid and I had the answer right under my nose the whole time. I do have glass domes that were meant for jewellery making, but since I have stopped the jewellery making I have lots of material just laying around. I painted my own eyes with acrylic anyway and I put the eye into a bit of Sculpey Clay and chucked it in the oven to see if the paint would be able to withstand the heat. And it DID! So started creating straight away. And this is how far I've come. I need to head off to work now and it is my boyfriends birthday today so I will not be doing any more work on this little cutie today but I think it will be finished in not too long. I will document the progress through instagram and in here as well.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tomodachi Island - The Lost Yeti Continent

This week I got a visit from this old professor. He was an explorer that I had never met before. He travels the seas in search of new lands and sea creatures. On his travels he came across something very peculiar. An Island shaped like a heart drifting out to seas. This Island became his next mission to explore. It took him 10 long years and some parts are yet to be uncovered. On his quest he met many strange creatures that he had never seen before. They were not human, still they walked upright and lived in houses just like us. They called themselves Yeti Folk.

The Yeti Folk were very friendly creatures and took the explorer in and told him all about their ways and the history of their Island.

This Island somehow got stuck on a giant whale's back thousands and thousands of years ago and ever since it has been drifting around the seas of our planet. And maybe this is why none have ever seen it before.

The professor handed me all his research as he was going off on his next quest. And in the next coming weeks I will introduce you to the different areas and its inhabitants.

There are eight areas that have been explored so far, the remaining two are for me to explore myself.

So here it is. Tomodachi Island - The Lost Yeti Continent

P.S. With this information we will be changing our name from Tomo Ltd. to Tomodachi Island

Monday, 20 May 2013

Kawaii Kitsune...

Got a couple of new thingies for you guys.... With super cute ears = > u < =
I have had work non stop for about two weeks now since I try to get as many hours as possible. But I have been able to squeeze in some crafting in between work and orders...
But what are they......
With zippers...
Yey! They are the Kitsune Shoulder Bags! Two little foxes to hang over your shoulder to look after your precious kawaii goodies.
An Arctic Fox...
and a Silver Fox...

And you can find them in the Etsy Shop as usual, just click on their names under the picture to redirect.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Continued: FOOMI (The Sakura Water Pygmy)

Remeber the KidRobto Foomi I got for Christmas? Well I've finally got my primer and sorted out the acrylic paints and he is getting a little bit closer to completion every day. Here's what I've done so far:
Primed and ready for some sweet colors...
Rough colors and super rough on the body lol...
Working on the head...
Head is more or less done just need some fine tuning in places but we' getting there. Wish I had glass eyes instead of just modeled eyes. But I will use glass eyes on my next one instead.

Here is the beginning when I started sculpting if you missed that one: LINK

I have decided to call him "The Sakura Water Pygmy"

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Geek Lover?!?!?!

 Do you love geeks?! Well we sure as hell do! Here's the cutest Geek/Hipster glasses necklace EWAH!
There is only four of these babies though so go and get one for yerself right now! Available from the Etsy shop!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What's up...

I got a few things in the air at the moment. I have TOOOOO many things going on at the moment and have forbidden myself to come up with more ideas (if that is possible) till I have finished the ones that I have ongoing!
This is a portrait of a woman who is an idol and great inspiration to me and to what I do. Even though the things we do are very different she still inspire me to keep trying and keep working hard. She is the perfect example of how hard work really do pay off. I will let you know who this woman is when I have finished this portrait and sent it off to her.
This here is just a squiggle that I did yesterday. You will know what its all about in a little while. But for now, let's just say that big changes are coming to Tomo!
I also went berserk on my bookcase yesterday! I tend to get in to the habit of just throwing things in to it while I'm working and yesterday I couldn't even get to my threads cause I had dumped so much on top of them and so I pulled out some old cardboard boxes and gave them a makeover. It's great what you can do with a bit of left over wrapping paper and glue.

So now my scissors and bits and bobs have got their own super cute little box...
And so does my fabric paints and brushes and stuff! Makes me so much happier and it is way easier to work. Little boxes can work miracles indeed! >u<

Now back to work!