Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pin Badges and Pocket Mirrors...

Hi all! I have finally landed after London Comic Con which was a BLAST! Yesterday I spent sorting out the remaining stock and preparing photos of all the new products that will go up in the shop this week. Besides these pin badges and pocket mirrors I've also got two new iPod/iPhone cases and two new Yeti Pouches. I will show you one of them each day this week so I don't bombard you with updates lol.
Anyway, you can find these badges as individuals or as a pack of 6 and the pocket mirrors in my Etsy shop now! I will tell you more about the Comic Con either later today or tomorrow!

Oh and by the way, I am having a little sale at the shop as well. Time to make room for new items! The items you find in the SALES section will never be made again so get them whilst you still can!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Halloween Necklaces and Phone Charms in Store now!

I am sorry that this is a bit late. I have spent all morning photographing and sorting these out. I am very annoyed cause I can't seem to get any good photos of them, therefore I had to customize things a little bit. But they are up in the shop anyway and can't wait to go to their new homes! :D

Available in the Tomo Shop as always! 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

They're here!!!

Got them today! They will go up in the shop first thing in the morning. Only 5 of each will be available from the shop since I need to take the rest to Comic Con. So if you really really want to make sure that one of these cuties will be yours then keep an eye on the shop tomorrow! By the way they are SUPER CUUUUTE! = O u O =

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Making Owlings...

I am spending today in front of the sewing machine again. Which I also have done every day for about a month now. I've got blisters on my fingers and am looking forward to a little break when we get back from London. I do love sewing and making these little sweeties, but you can over do anything I think, even the things you love the most. My box of iPhone cases is over flowing now and I am almooooost done. A few more days in front of the sewing machine should do it. Back to Work!!! ;)

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Remember Mon-Chi? Well this is the third addition to the Pouch Yeti range. This is Noo-Chi! You will be able to buy him from my stall at MCM London. He won't be available in the Tomo Shop just yet, simply because I've ran out of fabric. I have to order my fabric from Swansea and have it shipped to Bournemouth now so I can't get new fabric as quick as before. But I promise, as soon as I get more fabric he will be available in the Tomo shop as well.

Hope you like him!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Painting Faces...

 Yesterday I spent all day painting Pouch Yeti and Ushi faces. It took me all day believe it or nor but soon all the Pouches and Purses will be ready for Comic Con. I have been working day and night to get everything ready. It is funny though, cause no matter how much I work it feels like I can get a stock big enough. It is hard being a one man band sometimes I guess... But I am proud of myself for working as hard as I have and I guess you just have to realize your limitations sometimes.
Also I've got plans for November which include this little fellow amongst others...... = > u < =

Friday, 12 October 2012

Kawaii mirrors and pin badges...

More stuff for London Comic Con! Pocket mirrors and pin badges! If these sell well I will have more made up  to go in the Etsy shop as well. But for now all I can afford is for the stock for Comic Con. Hope you liiiike! <3

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Halloween Special Edition...

We're doing our first seasonal Special Edition! The Halloween one hehe! I decided that making a special little range of necklaces and phone charms for Halloween was a good idea and have spent my waken nights (stupid cold wouldn't let me sleep), designing these little fellows. I sent for the yesterday and so they should be with me and up in the shop by the end of next week at some point. But of course I will let you know when they're here.
They will be the first phone charms that go up in the shop, and hopefully you will like to see a new product. I am super excited about them and can't wait to see them. Hope you like!

We're BAAACK!!!

Yes, finally internet have been installed in our apartment and everything is back to normal. I've been craving to get back online and I've really missed the blog and you guys!

Anyway in my absence, I have been working like a beast and also been fighting with the worst cold of my life. I have seriously never been so ill from a cold before. But it is finally after nearly two weeks starting to leave my body. I think the stress of the move, finding a job and being without the internet for way to long might have brought it on. Who knows?

I haven't got an awful lot of new things and most of the new things won't go up in the shop until I come home from Comic Con in about two and a half weeks. Depending on how much I've got left of course.

I am very nervous about London Comic Con. It will be the biggest convention in my life and Tomo's. 50,000 plus people visit the convention every day so it will be mental. I just hope that this will open up new doors for Tomo and that maybe we can open our own website/webshop when we get back. I'd like to focus on making more collectibles and custom toys but to do this I need more funds. I hope that the convention can be and opener for that as well.

As for the direction of Tomo, it is hard to decide where to go. I love making the ipod/iphone cases and think that I always will. From January onwards I hope to be making a monthly product for Tomo which will be made in a limited edition and be collectible. The normal stock will still be there but I can't keep making a new case every day since there wouldn't be enough room in my apartment to store all the material, also I am a one man band so I think I would be in to deep water as well haha.

But the future of Tomo will be decided in a few weeks time, when we go to London to meet our judgement. So don't forget to come and visit us at stall F1 in the London ExCel Centre between the 26th and 28th of October!

It feels great to be back!!!