Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Making of Foomi...

Oh! I am so happy that I had time to do this today. Should probably have cleaned the house, but neh! creativity comes first! So Foomi is getting closer to completion. I finished sculpting today and he's been baked and sanded too! So all I need to do now is to get some primer to give it a nice white finish and get rid of the scratches from the sand paper and then it is PAINTING TIME! Can't wait! Hope I wont mess him up though... <3

Whitee Neck Pouch...

I had a custom order that I finished the other day. I thought this was a great idea of hers and it fits bigger devices such as Samsung Galaxy and similar. I think it would be a great option for people that haven't got the iPhone or iPod and I will be making these along with the rest of the designs in my shop in the future. I have to wait a bit though as I need more material and chords to be able to put them up. But in not to long they will be with us. Till then you just have to feast on these photos : B

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I have finally found the time to finish these Buggles off! There is still more to come but I have to make them a little bit at a time. I am truly sorry about the lack of updates lately and I hope that you don't give up on me. There has been allot going on around here and I am trying to settle in to working two jobs and to do Tomo at the same time. I have been sitting on my bum for the past three years, working in front of the computer or by my craft table so it is killing me to be on my feet all day now. I feel great though and it has given me soooo much for energy and I feel happy in general. I forgot to tell you, but I got the job at the Pet shop as well! Who would have thought?! So now I don't have to worry about my rent and bills any more cause my new jobs will pay for that. And what does this mean for Tomo?! Well let's just say that there will be a BUNCH of new phone sleeves coming in not to long. I have found an AMAZING fabric shop in America that sells gorgeous fabrics in tuns of different colours. I am just saving up at the moment so that I can order a big batch with different material. Oh I can't wait!

Enough about that. Here are the BUGGLES anyway. There is only a limited amount so go get yours before they run out! There is only ONE Pink Buggle and FOUR Brown Buggles. And when they're gone they are gone!

It feels great to be back!

Friday, 15 February 2013


Hi everyone! I am so sorry for my absence for the past week or so. Things have been mad around here. On Sunday I had an interview with Pets at Home and there was 16 other people there. I found out that 177 people had applied to the job and that got me really disheartened. I didn't hear anything from them on the Monday so I was convinced that I wouldn't get the job. This put me into a state of stress and I became really sad. I do have Tomo, but it has been hard to be on your own all the time, and to not have any social interactions for about five months have driven me insane. My home has become my prison rather than a home. And however romantic it might seem to work from home. It just isn't. It would have been ok I think if I had friends and family around me, but since I am new in Bournemouth I don't know anyone and my boyfriend is extremely busy in Uni. So I am left on my own most of the time.

Anyway, it has eaten me up and I cant seem to get anything done since I am feeling down all the time and my energy levels are very low. So, my boyfriend came home Monday night and decided that enough is enough, since it hurts him too to see me this way. So he helped me to re-write my CV and we started scanning the web for jobs. Tuesday morning my boyfriend took off Uni, and we took a long nice walk in to town, where we walked around and handed out my CVs. Funny thing is that the last Cafe we went to, needed someone to fill in on weekends and sometimes in the weeks and I worked my first day yesterday! I dono what happened but all of a sudden I got a job, oh and Pets at Home phoned me the very same day and asked if I could come for a second interview. So I did that as well but I don't think I got the job cause I would have heard from them yesterday in that case, and I have heard nothing. That is ok though cause this Cafe is great. It is not only a Cafe but also a place where people can come and paint ceramics. So it is an ART place! YEEEY! The greatest thing is that they are very flexible and I am able to do Tomo and SSC on the side. Everything has worked out perfect and I guess when people say that "Everything will be ok" they're right.

So no matter how dark today may seem, there is always a brighter day ahead. And I am back to my normal self. I got energy and the will to create again. So tomorrow I have decided will be a day of creativity!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Yolandi Visser...

Yesterday I was in a drawing mood but since I havent got time to finish anything major I did a speed painting of Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord. Die Antwoord is on of my favourite bands and I think Yolandi is super cool and inspirational. I have wanted to draw her for a while now. I would have liked something a bit more complicated than this, but since time is short on my hands I had so settle for this. I am very happy with how it came out anyway and hope that you guys like it too!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Love bugs and ladies...

I am working on a few things at the moment. I went through my fur boxes the the other day and found TUNS of scraps. Big scraps too. This is the funny thing working with fur. Since you always have to follow the way the fur runs, you end up with big fur pieces that you cant do anything with. But I am actually able to do something with the ones I found. I am making Love Bugs out of them! So I have been cutting like a crazy person over the weekend to get these little things going. There will only be a limited amount. Especially of the blue, yellow and pink, will only have one of each of these. I hope to finish them this week, unfortunately to late for valentines day, but a Love Bug Yeti works well for all occasions I think. 
I started this yesterday. It just popped up in my head and I had to get my drawing kit out and sketch it up in the middle of Love Bug making. I think it will look great when its coloured. If I finish it that is. I tend not to finish much artwork these days as I am so busy with Tomo.

 And a photo of a fraction of my Maneki Neko collection for good measures and a lucky week!

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