Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nichi Rabbit...

FINALLY! Something new for you guys! I am so happy that I finally found the time to make something new. There is allot I want to do but money is short on the ground at the moment, so I just have to take it a little step at a time. I am trying to save up for a big batch of new fabric that will be like nothing you have ever seen before. But I do need quite a bit of money to sort this out so trying to save.
Anyway this fabric I got a while back and I have one more case coming for you as well. However it didn't come out the way I wanted it to so I will get back to the drawing board today and see what changes I can make.

As for now this is Nichi in a Rabbit suit. I always loved Nichi's face and she has been very popular in the shop so I thought it was time for a little make-over. And after I did the Easter Buggle I fell in love with those cute rabbit ears so I thought that they would look super cute on a phone sleeve too. So here we are! You can find Nichi Rabbit in the Etsy shop as always.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Blah, blah, blah...

Been crazy here again. After the feature I had on Etsy's Facebook page I had so many order coming trough and I have been struggling to get everything ready in time. And in the middle of it all I got really ill as well. And this week I have been working every day and the stress levels are quite high. I have finally come to an end with all the orders anyway and about a week ago I had some new fur through the post. I've been meaning to make two new sleeves but since time has been a bit short on my hands the past week I haven't had the chance to sort them out yet. I will be sending the last of the orders today and tomorrow I am free from any work and I hope to be able to sit down and bring you something new then.

Just thought I'd give you a little update on what's going on over here as I have been absent from the Blog once again. I really need to learn to manage my time better now that I got a job on the side to be at as well lol. But I'll get there. I have actually updated my Craft corner as well and I will show you what it look like later in the week. It looks AWESOME! <3

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Review: Dolly Oblong - Cut out paper toys

I thought it was good time for me to make my first review. And I thought Dolly Oblong was the perfect artist/shop to start with.
I only found Dolly Oblong a few months back, when I heard of ToyCon UK. I was browsing through the artists that were going to attend the Convention and among them I found Dolly Oblong.
I fell in love with her art and her toys as soon as I entered her website. My fingers were inching to get the paper toys. And yesterday they landed in my mail-box.
As you can see I couldn't settle for just one, and if I could have afford it I would probably have bought the lot!
These toys are extremely well made and the artwork is just gorgeous! For the straight bits I used a scalpel and a ruler and I would suggest you do the same if you decide to get these cuties. For the round bits, like arms etc I used scissors as the scalpel is hard to use on these bits.
I think these toys would be great for anyone. They do take some time to build, but as for myself I love the challenge and I love working with my hands, so I enjoyed every single bit of it. I actually built them all in one night cause I quite simply couldn't wait too see what they would look like.
I will definitely get more of these in the future and I can't wait for the next release. Dolly Oblong's website is a MUST to visit! I can sit and brows it forever. It is such a treat to the eye! She makes plushies and other toys, along with art prints and well lets just say she is super creative and it seems that whatever she touches comes out amazing!
These two were included as well. I didn't order them so they were a great little extra surprise! Thank you ever so much!
So head on over to Dolly Oblong and knock yourself out! These guys are too good to miss out on. Also, the shipping was super fast. These guys came within three days all the way from Netherlands to the UK! And the shipping was included in the price. I only have great things to say about Dolly Oblong and I would recommend her to anyone. 5 stars out of 5 possible!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Easter Buggle tiiiiime...

FINALLY! Yes that just took forever and a day. I have had them sitting here half done for about a week now. One thing has gotten in the way after the other. But they are finally done! The Easter Buggle can be found in the Etsy shop as usual. There is only four of these little sweeties though, so grab one qucik!

Also, yesterday was a crazy day. Tomo was featured on Etsy's FaceBook page! It brought sooo much traffic to my shop that I still feel a bit overwhelmed to be honest. I still can't believe that Tomo got featured by Etsy. I sure makes everything worth while and makes you feel I little bit special. I am so happy! Thank you Etsy!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Easter Buggles....

Anyone up for some Easter Buggles? Well on Tuesday I will have some of these ready to go up in the shop in time for Easter! Who wouldn't want an Easter Buggle in their Easter egg? I know I would love to get one anyway! More to come tomorrow!