Thursday, 20 June 2013

A snap shot...

Today we're packing up the last bits in the flat and tomorrow we're moving on to a better part of town. The last two weeks in this place have been hell and tomorrow is a day I've been looking forward to for quite some time now. I won't have internet until the 27th of June, however the shop will remain open. I will get back to questions and queries as soon as I can't, but it won't be as promptly as usual.

I will take the next week to work on my secret project.... The picture from above is ONE still from it just to keep you curious... Not that I know if it works or not, but I do hope so! lol!

Anyway, I will be around for the remainder of today, but tonight I am packing up my computer and when you next hear from me it will be from my new office/workshop WOHOOO! Can't wait to show you guys my little space, but I will make sure to make it cute and homey before showing you.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Tomo and Triclopod...

It's been a while since I completed a more complex painting and I must say it was a bliss painting this. I have missed it so much!
This is the first picture with Tomo and Triclopod together. But they are best friends and always go hand in hand so I thought it would make a lovely picture. I only meant to do something simple for the new banner, but ended up doing this instead. I will probably have to go with something a bit more simple for the banner of the blog, but thought I'd show you this anyway.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

New Logo and the Snow Colossus

Ello peeps! I've been working a bit on the re-branding of Tomo. Here is the new logo that I hope all of you will like. I've put allot more effort in to this than I usually do and I really struggled to sort it out. I am very happy with the final result though and hope that you are too. I've spent the last four days in bed as I went through an operation on Wednesday. I have been bored stupid and it's given me a creative boost now that I have moved myself from the bed to my chair. So, not only am I trying to finish this re-branding off but I've got tuns of ideas for new sculptures as well...
This is a sketch of my next sculpture, the Snow Colossus (whenever I can afford to start it I don't know). This is be a big one! I plan to make him really big so I need to save up allot of money. I've got the wire to start the base with, but it will take allot of sculpey so have to wait on that part. I'm also trying to find a matching pair of antlers which is very hard. I want them to be naturally shed so if you come by any please give me a shout. It is so hard to find since the roe-deer normally only sheds one antler at a time.

Anyway, I'm back to the drawing board. Got tuns more stuff for you in a few days time! OH! And also, we only have to wait for the internet for one week at our new place, not one MONTH as we originally thought! YEEEY!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Moving out...

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the lack of updates. We've been stuck in our own living hell lately, but I will tell you more about it once we're out of here.
Anyway, we're moving again... I am really happy about the move since we found a gorgeous apartment in a lovely area of town, away from all the problems certain areas of Bournemouth have.
The best thing about the move is that I will get my own office! My own workshop sort of! How great is that?!?! Sometimes I do believe in the saying "out of bad comes good"... Because this time it sure has.
However I will go through a month again before I get internet but that's ok. I've got a big project that I will work on and hopefully have finished by the time I am back online, so that I can show it to you guys.
We're moving on the 21st of June and I can't wait.
The shop will stay open as usual but it might take me a couple of days to reply to any inquiries.

Wish me luck!