Thursday, 31 May 2012

I give to you... YETI CASE 2.0!!!

Oh yes!!! They are back!!! I've spent the past few days re-designing the iPod/iPhone cases. The now got safety eyes instead of pearls and I must say they look a hundred times cuter this way. Also the inside has been re-designed. I was never happy with the inside of the old ones but couldn't figure out any other way to do it. But the other day it hit me. I created like a pouch that you can turn inside out. Not only does this hide the ugly seems on the inside, but you can also clean the inside. This looks so much better and my designs have gone from OK to PERFECT! I am so happy with them now, and am even happier to have them back in my shop.

I will be taking Pre-Orders on these ones. This means that I will post up 5 at a time and ship them 7-8 days later. So if you want one with this first batch you better hurry up! More designs will come within the next few weeks. YEEEEEEY!

Monday, 28 May 2012

The end of an era...

And so it all ends. My three years in University is no more and this is what I've got to show from it. I am so happy with my final project. It hasn't been easy though, many tears have been shed and at countless times I've been pulling the hair of my head. But it was all worth it in the end, and I thiiiiink, not sure, that I will graduate with a first class degree. I am not great at trying to figure out the percentage so it is just and assumption.

From here on you will see Tomo rise to a new level though. I have big plans and I hope I will be able to achieve them all. Also for the ones that have been waiting there will be a batch of Ipod cases coming out soon. I won't be making them forever since there is other things I want to focus on, but so many of you have been asking for them so I thought I'd give the ones that didn't get any, another chance.

Now I am going to enjoy one of the first mountain-bike rides in a loooong long time.

Monday, 21 May 2012

10% Discount!!!

Click the image to get to our facebook page and take part of this lovely discount!!! <3

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bristol Comic Expo and new goodies in Store!!!

We had a great time in Bristol this weekend! We met some great artists, exhibitors and some super cute cos-players! Next stop is MCM in London in October. That will be crazy and we're really looking forward to it.

All the things you could find at our stall is now up in the Etsy Store! Click the pictures to take you to the right shop section or just follow THIS link! ^^

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bristol Comic Expo - This weekend!!!

We're all packed up and ready for a weekend of tuns of fun! We'll be leaving Swansea tomorrow around 13:00 and head of to Bristol Comic Expo!

Hope to see you there!

The Etsy store will be on Holiday Mode until Monday the 14th of May!

Have a great weekend! <3

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Onigiri Bowl...

A new edition to my Comic Expo stall...Onigiris!!! I made them since I have run out of time for the Piggle Yetis. Unfortunately the only Piggle yetis that will be available at Bristol is the white ones. I just didn't have time to finish the rest in the end since I got a big project for my degree to do as well. But don't threat, the table will be filled with goodies anyway... Like these little cuties for example! They are super duper cuuuute!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bookmark and New Business Cards are here!!!

I actually received them yesterday but didn't get to do a blog entry about it until now. Anyway they came out so good that I don't want to give the bookmarks away for free now LOL, but I will. But seriously they are sooooo nice! If you look to get business cards or bookmarks or and paper good go to and have it done there. Their prices are great, their customer service is great and the products are just beyond. The wait is normally about 1 and a half week, but since it actually is located in America, this wait is totally worth it. So this is a little Shout Out for! You need to try them if you haven't already!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New Necklaces In STORE!!!

It took a little while longer than the Hair-clips even though I had the charms at the same time. I ran out of jump-rings in the middle of everything and nobody seemed to have any in town. It left me with no other choice than to order online so I had to wait a bit. But now all of them are assembled and up in the shop. Sorry to those I kept waiting. Hope you like them anyway!!! You can find them in my Etsy shop as usual :)