Thursday, 31 May 2012

I give to you... YETI CASE 2.0!!!

Oh yes!!! They are back!!! I've spent the past few days re-designing the iPod/iPhone cases. The now got safety eyes instead of pearls and I must say they look a hundred times cuter this way. Also the inside has been re-designed. I was never happy with the inside of the old ones but couldn't figure out any other way to do it. But the other day it hit me. I created like a pouch that you can turn inside out. Not only does this hide the ugly seems on the inside, but you can also clean the inside. This looks so much better and my designs have gone from OK to PERFECT! I am so happy with them now, and am even happier to have them back in my shop.

I will be taking Pre-Orders on these ones. This means that I will post up 5 at a time and ship them 7-8 days later. So if you want one with this first batch you better hurry up! More designs will come within the next few weeks. YEEEEEEY!