Tuesday, 31 January 2012


My beloved computer is saved and now home from the doctors. Set me back about allot but that's ok. She is home safe and sound now and that is all that matters! Tomorrow comes some more upates!
Till then, Goodniiiight! ^.^

Sad day...

I am very sorry but there will be no updates today really. My computer decided to pack in last night. I got all my photos and everything on there. Just hope it all can be saved. I handed it in this morning and keeping my fingers crossed that it is just something small. I payed a fortune for that bloody thing and doing a 3D computer animation course don't really work without a computer either. So fingers crossed!!!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Little Miss Toastie...

Here's this weeks first new iPod/iPhone case. Little Miss Toastie! I've been planing on making a toast cases since I started doing these cases but never really got to it. Especially after making the Yetis and seeing how popular they are I just want to make more Yetis. Anyway, here she is. I've started working a bit more with fabric paint as well. It works lovely for the little kawaii faces and is much nicer to make the highlights in the eyes with than felt. Now I need to get back to work, have another Yeti to make before today's batch of sales are going in the post.
You can find little Miss Toastie in my Etsy shop as usual!

Last Week...

 Yeah last week was super busy. Not only did I get an order more or less every day but had that stupid dissertation of mine to finish of as well. The dissertation is now done and dusted big WOOOP! Soooooooooo relieved and happy that it is all over. Next is my major project which will be priority no 1 from tomorrow onwards. Anyway, yeah last week I had tuns of orders coming in, and nobody is happier than me. It is a bit hard to settle in to though since I'm not used to be organized LOL. But now I have to and I do enjoy it. As my sales start to pick up I am also making some money, which means more fabric and new designs. Only bad thing was that I no longer had any room for all my fabric.
The couch is full to....

 So I decided to be a good girl and sort my storage out and went and bought this bad boy. It helps allot. I can get the fabric I want to use out without pulling EVERYTHING out, also I'm not breaking my back sorting through those other stupid boxes. Problem solved and look how organized I am now ^^
 I also treated myself to some new fabric after handing in my dissertation. And this weekend I've tried to make up for the week I lost in new designs last week. I have made three new cases, one of which you will get to see today.
 And today the third batch of cases are being shipped. These two amongst others. I hope to keep you more updated this week as well!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tomo's little Daisy...

The cow material is one of my new favourites I think. So cuuuute! O u O
So this is Daisy anyway, pretending to be a cow. You can find her in my Etsy shop and she is very eager to see the world from and envelope ;)

Today will be a busy day. I had two orders last night, one for Igor and another Black Yeti, also I got a few more words to write on my dissertation that is due in on Friday. So yeah super busy day. But hopefully a fun day. I am so excited about these cases selling that I could probably work for a whole day without sleep ;)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Igor to Denmark to...

WOW! Igor's left the building to. That was quick! I am so happy! My sales are starting to pick up and I just love doing these cases. Can life get much better than that? 2 Sales in 3 days! I am so sooooo happy! WIHOOO!
You can still get Igor if you want since all the cases in my shop are made to order!

Igor the Yeti...

 Today it was Yeti making on the time table again. I bought some new fur this weekend and couldn't wait for have my first Yeti made out of it. So this is Igor which you can find in my Etsy shop if you fancy him :)
I bought some cow fur as well. Fake of course and I have a cute little idea for and ipod case that I might have finished by tomorrow. Lets hope so! The black and olive green is anti pil fleece for all the plushies I have planned. They have to wait a bit longer though since they take allot longer too complete than the ipod cases, and right now I haven't got the time.
Oh and today Yeti Black is leaving Swansea for a long trip over the sea to Denmark. He is all wrapped up warm so he'll be comfy on his way there.

Friday, 20 January 2012

First iPod/iPhone Case SOLD!!!

YEEEY! Tomo's first Yeti case is leaving the shop on Monday morning. Happy days! I hope Yetis will be happy with his new owner. :)

Tomo's Mr and Mrs Hoot...

Last night was Owl-making-night in the Tomo work shop (wish I had one). So this is Mr and Mrs Hoot. It was nice to actually have two ipod cases done in one night since I normally only make one. I stick to one so that I have time for other thing like studying to. But yesterday I felt extra creative and started cutting and sewing away. Today I over slept though so it was probably stupid in the long run, but at least I am very happy with the owlies ^.^

As always available in my Etsy shop: Mr and Mrs

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tomo Yeti Black...

So here he is! I couldn't upload last night since my camera don't work very well when there is no daylight left so I had to wait and photograph him this morning instead. Anyway, now you've got the choice between the with yeti and the black yeti. Isn't that just great? I think so anyway :) As always you can find this little dude in my Etsy shop!
And here is the BIG fail of a plush Yeti! He's only got his face left, the rest I've ripped apart. I am happy with his face though but the rest of it looked like poop. Sad thing is all the material I've wasted. Expensive it was to -.- But I guess that sooner or later I'd run into a bump since things have worked so smoothly this far. I am happy again after doing the iPod case anways and got my confidence back so soon I will be on the ball with the Yeti plush again.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Into the Blue...

I just had to make another treasury list. I really enjoy making them, and in the search for beautiful photos and items you come across so many amazing things. Definitely one of my new favourite things. Later today or tonight I will present you with a new iPhone/iPod case though, so I will not only be doing treasuries from now on ;)

*Click the picture to come to the treasury!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

First Treasury...

Sorry for the late update today. Been angry all day about my super fail at creating my first yeti plush. It is scrapped now and I need to do something else to get my mood back I think. Anyway, this treasury really cheered me up. And I thought it suits Valentines Day very well! Go check it out!!! >.<

Also I finally sorted a DeviantART page out for Tomo so go and check that out tooooo!!! YEEEY! :)
Will be back tomorrow after a good nights sleep and in a way better mood. Now it's time for bed! Niiight!<3

Monday, 16 January 2012

Tomo Yeti...

Tomo's first Yeti is here! I love him! He's soo cute. Probably my favourite so far. I will be making a black one this week at some point (I still have that stupid essay to sort out first). Later on there will be Yeti Plushies coming to. You can find this one in my Etsy shop!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Tomo Skelly and FB...

I was very busy making iPod/iPhone cases last night. I managed to get two and a half done. I really shouldn't be doing this since I got an essay on 6000 words to write. But I though if I'd get the designs I had in mind out of my system that A) I have something new to upload an show you guys every day for 3 days. B) I can focus on my essay without feeling that I'm not active enough on my blog and on Etsy. So I had my reasons! Now then, this is Tomo Skelly and you can find him in my Etsy shop like always. I think he goes with most things since he is black and white. And I've actually ended up using this prototype for myself hihi >.<

Also I've finished Tomo's Facebook page. It took me a while to sort out since I'm not THAT keen on Facebook, but I realized that it is a great way of keeping up with my fans and an easy way for them to keep up with me. So here is Tomo's facebook page! Follow the link below to come to it and like us since we only got nine followers (most of them friends and family so far)...

Click me!