Monday, 23 January 2012

Igor the Yeti...

 Today it was Yeti making on the time table again. I bought some new fur this weekend and couldn't wait for have my first Yeti made out of it. So this is Igor which you can find in my Etsy shop if you fancy him :)
I bought some cow fur as well. Fake of course and I have a cute little idea for and ipod case that I might have finished by tomorrow. Lets hope so! The black and olive green is anti pil fleece for all the plushies I have planned. They have to wait a bit longer though since they take allot longer too complete than the ipod cases, and right now I haven't got the time.
Oh and today Yeti Black is leaving Swansea for a long trip over the sea to Denmark. He is all wrapped up warm so he'll be comfy on his way there.


  1. Igor is awesome! And congrats to Yeti Black heading to Denmark! =) Can't wait to see that cow fur and the name it will have.
    from Blogging Buddies