Friday, 13 January 2012

Tomo Skelly and FB...

I was very busy making iPod/iPhone cases last night. I managed to get two and a half done. I really shouldn't be doing this since I got an essay on 6000 words to write. But I though if I'd get the designs I had in mind out of my system that A) I have something new to upload an show you guys every day for 3 days. B) I can focus on my essay without feeling that I'm not active enough on my blog and on Etsy. So I had my reasons! Now then, this is Tomo Skelly and you can find him in my Etsy shop like always. I think he goes with most things since he is black and white. And I've actually ended up using this prototype for myself hihi >.<

Also I've finished Tomo's Facebook page. It took me a while to sort out since I'm not THAT keen on Facebook, but I realized that it is a great way of keeping up with my fans and an easy way for them to keep up with me. So here is Tomo's facebook page! Follow the link below to come to it and like us since we only got nine followers (most of them friends and family so far)...

Click me!

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  1. Gave Skelly a shout out on FB and liked the page - would love a like back! +1'ed you also!