Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Breakfast Bar Pimp Out DIY...

Good morning All! First of all let me apologize for my week and a half of absence. Last week was filled of hospital appointments and injections here there and everywhere. I hate needles more than anything and I think getting so much blood taken and getting stabbed so many times really put me in a mood. A feeling sorry for yourself mood. But it is all done now and both me and baby are ready for the big birth. I can't believe it's only 11 weeks left till we get to meet our little wonder. How amazing is that?! Time has just flown!
Anyway, over the weekend I took some "me" time, which normally means home DIY projects, sculpting or drawing. This time it was DIY for sure. I've been wanting to sort out our kitchen breakfast bar ever since we moved in here but I didn't know what to do or how to do it. I've been through many ideas but as I put a hook in the wall a few weeks ago I realized how thin the wall actually was. My first plan was to put up some "hovering" wall shelves but that idea left me pretty quick after realizing how thin the wall was. So here's what I came up with after. I'm sorry about the instagram pictures but I couldn't be bothered dragging my nice camera around in the mess I created so here goes. First of all I don't know how many hours we spent in B&Q to find the stuff I needed. Since I am Swedish after all I had no idea what the things I needed were called in English and my other half had no idea what it was I was trying to explain to him. So I was on my own in a very unfamiliar world. I did get there in the end though and the left hand picture shows what I picked up. The hardest to explain was the hose clips as I thought they were used for pipes. But finding the "plumbing" section slowly lead me there LOL.
Here's what the Breakfast Bar looked like before anyway. Pretty boring and those flags have been hanging there forever just looking out of place.
 And after about two days of drilling, sanding and painting the shelf was ready to be fitted. Like a glove. Some people ask why I don't just go out and buy something new as it would probably cost about the same (it cost me about £50.00 all together). But you would A. Never get it as well fitted and B. Why get new when you can make something unique that no one else has got? and C. You never feel as proud of something bought as of something you made yourself! So there! That is why I spend £50 and two days of work, doing it myself. And also I love DIY!
 And here is the stunning result. Yes I said it, STUNNING! Cause I am so happy with it. And proud and I am not afraid to admit it hehe ;). I think I did a darn good job with a few pieces of wood, some hose clips and some paint.
 Only got one problem now... I have to sort out the rest of the kitchen as it looks pretty empty now that I've put all the pretty things in the shelf.
 On the other hand, it means more room for "new" pretty things. And that is always a great thing.
Hope you like it as much as I do!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter! Don't eat to much chocolate.... Or actually, eat as much chocolate as you want. I know I'm going to anyway!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Recycling... in a way...

Yesterday, in lack of other things to do I went through my old Tomo folder on my computer to see what designs I could recycle and use for MobiLOVE instead. I found quite a few. Like all of these for example. They are my old Pocket Mirror designs. It is "The Forest Dwellers" collection and the "Kawaii" collection. I found loads more designs that I used for the necklaces and hair-clips you can find at Tomodachi Island as well. But I didn't have time to sort them out in the end. I got stuck doing descriptions and search words for ALL of the cases at MobiLOVE. That might have been the most BORING job I have ever made, but I realized I had done it all wrong and unfortunately in business you have to do the boring things too. So I did, until 21.00 last night..... (-.-)
That is why I might not have the most interesting blog post for you today. But better than nothing I guess :) I am also struggling with this silly little cold that seem to have taken all my energy away from me. But I will not let it have me completely! I SAY NO!

You can find all of the cases from this post in the MobiLOVE Etsy shop!

Monsters of the Island...

Got some new hard cases for you at Tomodachi Island! These monsters are each unique and have a little story behind them. Hope you like them! You can click each picture to go to the shop listing!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Aries Time Lapse...

Hope all of you have had a great weekend. I've spent all morning getting this Time Lapse ready for you lot. I finished the Aries Zodiac over the weekend and filmed the process. So I thought I'd share the video as well as the finished painting with you. This will become a print and also a phone case eventually. But there is 11 more Zodiacs to finish before the products will be up in the shop.

Friday, 11 April 2014

WIP's of the Week...

 Yeey! It's Friday! And I've got a whole weekend off to look forward to. How great is that?!?! I thought I'd share some WIP snapshots with you. I am doing work at the moment that is a bit more elaborate and takes a bit longer to finish than just fairly simple patterns. This is why the blog posts have been a bit more sparse lately. But I am trying to update you at least every other day. So these are the WIP's anyway. Hope you like having a little sneak peak in to my brain ^^
Have a great weekend Everyone out there! <3

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Datchis here, Datchis there, Datchis EVERYWHERE!

Good Morning peoples! I've spent the past two days making these little sweeties. I spend a whole day designing them and probably a whole day photographing them. I wanted something a little bit different from Tomodachi Islands normal Yeties so I decided to make a Yeti/Owling hybrid. So these are the Datchis!
 I started out with some rough drawings as I always do when it comes to designing new phone sleeves. They more or less always come out very differently from the drawings but it is good to know what you're doing before you set out cutting and sewing.
Once that is done I draw up the patterns I'm going to need. I keep a little box in my crafting cupboard with loads of paper cuttings of old and new patterns. You never know when you might need to use them again.
 Needles and thread....
And some fabric paint and we're all good to put these little cuties together... And here's how they came out:
 The Pink DATCHIS!
 Pink Fluffy Datchi with a present (present does not come with the sleeve ;))
 I love her so much! Those Colours go so well together!
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Miiih! Click me and I will take you trough to the listing! ^^^^^^^^^^^^
 Hard Case Pink DATCHI! Yes yes oh yes, Tomodachi Island has now got it's first hard case! Woop woop for that! And she is just as cute as the fluffy Datchi!
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Click me and I will take you through to the listing! ^^^^^^^^^^^^
 And then we've got the Grey DATCHIS!!!
 Here's the fluffy grey Datchi in all her glory. I looooove the fur. So soft and fluffy!
And she's got a pressie toooo! (not included in the purchase)
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Click me and I will take you through to the listing! ^^^^^^^^^^^^
 Hard Case Grey DATCHI! And yes, Tomodachi Island has got its SECOND hard case! Omg!
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Click me and I will take you through to the listing! ^^^^^^^^^^^^

 And here's a little snap shot of them all together.
And a little photo from yesterdays photo shoot. I an hurting today. It is not easy to crawl around on the floor trying to take nice pictures when you got a massive preggie belly in the way lol. But I think they came out alright in the end and also, the lounge has to the best natural light in the house. So it was worth it :D

Monday, 7 April 2014

A messy desk and some drawings...

 Happy Monday everyone! Yup, new week, new adventures. For me it is loaded with work work work. I wanted to have some new drawings for you today as I started my Sunday with drawing. Unfortunately I ended up with a terrible stomach cramp and weren't able to sit up right. Let's just say I spent most of Sunday horizontally on the couch in front of Grand Designs on 4OD.
 I did however manage to finish of a few drawings. These are to be designs for the iPhone cases and also I wanted to draw all of the characters you can find on Tomodachi Island and make iPhone cases out of them as well.
 So I have started that process that might be a bit of a long one. I love drawing them as I can give them more character and I also plan give you a more detailed introduction of each one of them when they're finished.
 A little photo of my toys that still need a shelf of their own as they're not safe where they are :'(
 I did some test prints of these two during the weekend and they came out lovely too. I am so in to making patterns at the moment that I have to force myself in to doing other things too...
Also need to order some new fur today as the stock is running low. For some reason I got loads of pink though. Seem to never run out of that....
Plans for this week is to get more stock in and to create new stuff for Tomodachi Island as mobiLOVE has had most of my attention lately.
What are your plans for the week???

Friday, 4 April 2014

Phone cases...

Blog entries have been a bit sparse this week as I've been working allot. And I am really sorry about that. The patterns from the other day are up on phone cases at MobiLOVE anyway and ready to be purchased. Next week I will start a little series called "The Week in Pictures". Basically I will do a blog post every Monday with photos from the past week. These photos can be of anything that has happened during my week, but will mainly contain photos from my every day work. So I am looking forward to starting that, as I have loads of new projects coming up.
 Have a great weekend everyone and I will see you on Monday again! You can click the pictures to be redirected to the case you fancy.