Monday, 7 April 2014

A messy desk and some drawings...

 Happy Monday everyone! Yup, new week, new adventures. For me it is loaded with work work work. I wanted to have some new drawings for you today as I started my Sunday with drawing. Unfortunately I ended up with a terrible stomach cramp and weren't able to sit up right. Let's just say I spent most of Sunday horizontally on the couch in front of Grand Designs on 4OD.
 I did however manage to finish of a few drawings. These are to be designs for the iPhone cases and also I wanted to draw all of the characters you can find on Tomodachi Island and make iPhone cases out of them as well.
 So I have started that process that might be a bit of a long one. I love drawing them as I can give them more character and I also plan give you a more detailed introduction of each one of them when they're finished.
 A little photo of my toys that still need a shelf of their own as they're not safe where they are :'(
 I did some test prints of these two during the weekend and they came out lovely too. I am so in to making patterns at the moment that I have to force myself in to doing other things too...
Also need to order some new fur today as the stock is running low. For some reason I got loads of pink though. Seem to never run out of that....
Plans for this week is to get more stock in and to create new stuff for Tomodachi Island as mobiLOVE has had most of my attention lately.
What are your plans for the week???


  1. Lots of work for me this weekend too! Love the peek at your process. Hope you feel better! I have lots of printing to do this week.

  2. It looks like you have a lot of plans! Good luck! I have many plans, too, trying to put together a new summer jewelry collection.

  3. Aww, I hope you feel loads better soon. It's so nice to see where people work, I find it really interesting. Your area is so clean, and love those drawings, so cute!

  4. I have been very creative this week, which is not usual. I guess the warm weather has me extra motivated. I try to work on projects at least a couple times a week, but either I am getting faster, or my brain is just in over drive. Love the phone cases.

  5. love seeing your work space. from what I see, you are super creative and a bit messy like me lol.

  6. I am organizing my office and getting work space and all kinds of great places for my work to be easy to access and ship! From Etsy blogging team.