Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Recycling... in a way...

Yesterday, in lack of other things to do I went through my old Tomo folder on my computer to see what designs I could recycle and use for MobiLOVE instead. I found quite a few. Like all of these for example. They are my old Pocket Mirror designs. It is "The Forest Dwellers" collection and the "Kawaii" collection. I found loads more designs that I used for the necklaces and hair-clips you can find at Tomodachi Island as well. But I didn't have time to sort them out in the end. I got stuck doing descriptions and search words for ALL of the cases at MobiLOVE. That might have been the most BORING job I have ever made, but I realized I had done it all wrong and unfortunately in business you have to do the boring things too. So I did, until 21.00 last night..... (-.-)
That is why I might not have the most interesting blog post for you today. But better than nothing I guess :) I am also struggling with this silly little cold that seem to have taken all my energy away from me. But I will not let it have me completely! I SAY NO!

You can find all of the cases from this post in the MobiLOVE Etsy shop!

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