Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lucky Horse Shoe Plugs...

Finally got some plugs sorted out! These plugs measure 14 mm and you can find them in the SSC Etsy shop! Go and check them out! I will be making 2 sets of plugs for each dome pendant I make. It has been a bit slow on that part lately as I have been very busy with other things. It is hard to find the time to focus on two businesses at one time. And since Tomo is extremely busy all the time I cant seem to find the time to promote SSC properly. But I am sure that the time will come. Till then you guys can at least enjoy the photos of these lovely plugs!

Monday, 28 January 2013


Happy Monday everyone! I thought we'd start this week off with a super sale! All necklaces and hair-clips have been reduced! This is a clearance and I will not be making laser cut kawaii jewellery in the future. The reason to this is that I want to focus on my mobile phone accessories and give that all I got. So get your kawaii jewellery now before they run out! Happy shopping!

♥ Click the banner to go to the sales section! ♥

Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Project Continues...

My project is getting closer and closer to completion! I am delayed by about 2 weeks, but as it is my own personal project I guess that doesn't matter really. I just had to re-think everything after realizing the fact that I can't talk in front of a camera. But I think I have figured out a way of doing a video without me actually sitting there talking.

Anyway, these six will be part of my project and hope that they can encourage you to do what I will be asking you to do. I am really nervous about it and have no clue how it all will go, but I am also super excited!

Hope all of you had a great weekend! <3

Friday, 25 January 2013

Lucky Horse Shoe...

Sugar Skull Candy has got a new range of Necklaces coming! This is the first out of four designs and I just love how it came out. I did struggle to get the design right and to not make it too detailed. I am used to working with quite big jewellery where I can use allot of detail. My printer could not handle the small detail in this jewellery at all and so I had to simplify it allot. It still wouldn't work though so I had to take it to my local print shop and they helped me out. I didn't want to design more than one necklace before knowing whether it would work or not so the rest wont be available until next week at some point. But I hope that you like this one and would love to hear your thoughts.

Available in the SSC Etsy shop!
And here is a little sneak preview of what is to come....

Monday, 21 January 2013


I was supposed to have done my filming this weekend. But as we were doing it I realised how extremely awkward I am in front of the camera. So I need to re-think my whole video. And with this my project will be delayed too. I cant believe how hard it is to sort a short video out lol! Anyway, the artwork for my project is coming out great and I hope you guys like where it is going too.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Flying Nard Whale...

My little project is proceeding. The Nard Whale as I call it. It is not a spelling mistake I quite simply called it a Nard Whale since it is a mix of a Bard Whale and a Narwhal. Here is a little time-lapse of me drawing it. I cant wait to tell you guys what my project is all about.

Anyway, hope you like the Nard Whale! I sure do! Just wish I could have one of my own flying around in here as I work. A miniature one though haha!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Love juice...

A new week is here and my schedule for this week is very cramped. I have a big project in store for myself and Tomo and I hope that you guys and the rest of the world are willing to support me. This week we're making a film about it and I hope to have the project ready to be announced by next week. This little fella up here will be part of it and that is about all I can tell you for now. And the fact that it will be super exciting and cool of course haha.

Anyway, hope all of you had a great weekend and I wish you a even better week!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Portfolio Work...

 My new portfolio is slowly growing. I am exploring art forms that I have never tried before. This is so out of my comfort zone, but it is great to see what you're actually capable of. I have downloaded some packaging templates and am going to design some packages as well. I am really looking forward to that bit since I have never done anything like it.

Anyway, the bottom picture is what I am working on at the moment and she is coming out lovely! I will show you the whole picture once finished.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bits and bobs...

Today I have allot to do. All my orders need to be finished off and shipped! Yesterday I worked on the new product I was talking about. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it too and so I have decided not to do it at all. It is very expensive and I quite simply don't think that people would pay enough for it to make it profitable so I have scrapped it. However I have tuns of other ideas lined up and will have something new for you soon.

I have also researched and tried new ways for the phone cases closure and I have found it. I have found the elastics a bit tricky as it sometimes get stuck in the fur. I think I have solved this problem now and am going to change the cases over to the new closure slowly. I need to sell out of the ones I got first but after that there will be an updated version.

Also, I never told you about the little cat up there. It is a little plushie that I have been planning on putting up. I am still developing it and I need one more prototype before it becomes available in the shop. It would be nice to know what you think about it though? Any pointers and/or ideas?

Oh! And don't forget to get your Love Bug Yetis in time for Valentines day! A few of them are leaving me today!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Fox...

Finished the little fox this morning. It is a completely new take on my art. Very simplified, but I love to work this way. It is funny how important little details such as texturing and little highlight become when you work with minimalistic drawings/paintings. You want to leave it simple but still interesting. I think the texture of this one made it pop, and a will definitely work with texture more in the future. Hope you like it!

A Good Day...

 Good Morning world! Today is a good day! I have been feeling a bit down lately, mainly because I am an expert in stressing myself out over things that I shouldn't stress about. As you know I have been extremely busy during November and December. I worked really hard to keep my customers happy. Now many orders have been delayed by the postal system and there is nothing I can do about it. But I have had a few angry emails and I have let them get to me in a way that I shouldn't. I take set backs really hard though and I blame myself and let it take over. I need to learn to handle these things as it will happen again. Anyway, yesterday I had a good cry and a chat with my boyfriend who always pick me up when I am down. I have decided to stop taking things personally and work harder on being as happy and cheerful as I can be. So after a good night sleep I feel a million dollars again!

I had a couple of sleepless nights before last night and got some art done anyway. I am trying to explore different art styles to update my commercial portfolio. I've wanted to be part of an Art Agency for a while now, but since I have mainly focused on digital painting I think it might be a bit to complicated and not what companies look for when they look for a Graphic Designer. By joining my tattoo design knowledge with my digital art and creating something that I have never done before, I think I've come up with a pretty cool style. We'll see what happens, but I will definitely keep working on it. I think they would be nice art prints as well.

Also, I was given my first KidRobot DIY Vinyl Toy for Christmas! A 7" FOOMI! Best Christmas present EVA! Lol! I have started to sculpt his face as you can see, but there is still a few things I need, to be able to complete him. I was just so eager to start on him that it was the first thing I did when we came home after Christmas. Can't wait to finish him!

Today if time allows I will start Tomo's newest product as well. I can't say what it is just yet, since I don't know exactly what it will look like. However I will keep you up to date on the progress!

Oh and also I have updated my work area with a new bookcase and a whiteboard to help me being more organized! Do you like it? I love it!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Custom Bumble...

Every now and then I get custom orders. Most of the time it is sleeves that customers want to have customized but this time someone wanted a Bumble Yeti looking like Flyn! I am always happy to take on custom orders. It always break things up a little and it is fun and refreshing to do things that look different from the norm. Over all I am really happy with the Flyn Bumble and I think his new owner will be super happy too!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Tattoo Inspired Necklaces...

Here are the Jewellery from Sugar Skull Candy. This is all we got at the moment but there is some exciting things on their way and something new for me to explore other than acrylic necklaces. I thought it was time to try something new within the jewellery making genre and I hope that you guys will like the new items too. You can fin these items either in the bar to your left or you can head on over to the Sugar Skull Candy Etsy shop!

Friday, 4 January 2013

The Love Bug Yeti...

Here is the LOVE BUG YETI! I think it is theeeee single cutest thing I have ever made. I think I will keep one for myself actually lol!
You just have to get one for Valentines day or give one or whatever, it is just to cute not to be given as a Valentines days gift.
I think I might make one in pink as well. What do you think?

You can find the Love Bug Yeti in my Etsy shop as always!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sugar Skull Candy...

For the ones of you that havent been introduced to Sugar Skull Candy yet. This is my third creative business where I embrace my old profession but has customized it to suit me and my lifestyle. I always thought I was good at designing tattoos. But as some of you read in my little life story that I wrote a while back, I used to be a tattooist and that was what my life was all about back then. I thought I'd give it a go again but create jewellery out of my designs instead. There is so many people out there that just love tattoos but doesn't necessarily want them for life. So I have created jewellery that are fairly large and that will decorate your chest just like any tattoo chest piece. I think they came out great and I can't stop wearing them myself. They actually look so nice that I sometimes wish that I didn't have my chest piece cause it ruins them LOL! But what can you do, it is there for life and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Anyway go and check out SSC's other Jewellery and see if there is anything you might like. It would be great to hear what you have to say about the jewellery as well.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Love Monster...

One last Valentine design before I close the work shop for today. This is the Valentine Monster. Will be made tomorrow along with the Valentine cases and put up in the shop on Friday!


Valentines day is closing in on us and thought I'd get some love into the Etsy shop. This is how far I have gotten, and I will work on these tomorrow to see if they will work out or not. Any other ideas or requests of cute stuff you want to see in the Tomo Shop for Valentines day?

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2013 Everyone! What a year 2012 has been, but I think 2013 will be even better.
Anyway, we're back open and I am looking forward to make new things and be more creative than ever before. Many exciting things have happened, we have two new stockists that I will tell you more about in a different Blog Entry.

Many things will change here at the blog. First of all it will be renamed. The reason for this is that I am doing well enough to finally register my company, but since I run three businesses now I have decided to register them all under the name Triclopod Studios. Tomo will still be Tomo, but a sub-company (if you can call it that) to Triclopod Studios. The blog will now become the home of all my businesses. These three are; of course Tomo Ltd, Sugar Skull Candy and EJ Arts. I started Sugar Skull Candy just before Christmas and haven't had the time to establish it properly, due to the crazy time I had with all the Christmas orders from Tomo and a massive wholesale at the same time. But Sugar Skull Candy is based around tattoo art and I simply make tattoo inspired jewellery. I have only managed to get seven different designs in so far, but I am super happy with how they came out and there will be more in a near future.
EJ Arts is based around myself and my art. I do freelance work as a digital artist from time to time and it is important to have your VAT numbers and everything whilst doing this.

So you will see everything I work on in here from now on. It can be anything from super kawaii cuteness to skulls and bones or big art canvases. I don't think you will be disappointed though, it will only make this blog a bit more interesting and hopefully bring more followers.

I think 2013 will be a great year!

Have you guys got any new years resolutions?
Mine is to stay more organized,
Be even more creative,
And to make my business a big success!