Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Where the magic happens...

Hello everyone! I thought it was about time that I showed you from where I work. This is my little work corner. I rotate between my craft station and my computer all day long haha. I try to do some stuff in between though but this is mainly where I spend my days. I hope to have a bigger place or even my own workshop one day. But until then I just have to be happy in this little corner of my home. Which I am, very happy! >u<

Monday, 3 December 2012

Closer Introduction...

 As promised, here is a closer introduction to the Triclopods! As I mentioned before there is only a limited amount, two of each available for now. I wanted to try these furs properly before ordering any larger quantities and also wanted your opinion. We will see how these go and then I will decided from there which ones to continue with and if it is worth making more.

They come in four colours: Turquoise, Yellow, Red/White and Hot pink. And the fur is of the most amazing quality. You just have to get one!!!

They are now available from the Etsy shop along with everything else. And don't forget to place your Christmas orders on time! I am working hard this week to get all order sent before Christmas. You got until the 6th of December to place your Christmas orders and they will be sent on the 7th!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Triclopods...

So I did what I was affraid of doing! I ordered those amazing furs from America and guess what?! It only took a week and a half and they arrives! I was well surprised and my fear of waiting too long for fabrics is now gone!

Anyway, I created this little fellas and I call them Triclopods. Aren't they amazing? I love the vibrant colours and the fur is of the most amazing quality too. I cant stop touching them hahaha. These guys are limited editions for now. I only ordered small bits of fur as I didn't want to spend out to much on something I wasn't sure of. The yellow one and the red and white one I only got two of and the hot pink one and the blue one I only have three of. I don't know when they will be back and want to see how well they do before ordering more fur.

They will be available from the Etsy shop on Monday and I will give you a closer introduction to each one of them then as well.

Thank you guys for pushing me to get these furs. It was sooooo worth every penny!