Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bits and bobs...

Today I have allot to do. All my orders need to be finished off and shipped! Yesterday I worked on the new product I was talking about. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it too and so I have decided not to do it at all. It is very expensive and I quite simply don't think that people would pay enough for it to make it profitable so I have scrapped it. However I have tuns of other ideas lined up and will have something new for you soon.

I have also researched and tried new ways for the phone cases closure and I have found it. I have found the elastics a bit tricky as it sometimes get stuck in the fur. I think I have solved this problem now and am going to change the cases over to the new closure slowly. I need to sell out of the ones I got first but after that there will be an updated version.

Also, I never told you about the little cat up there. It is a little plushie that I have been planning on putting up. I am still developing it and I need one more prototype before it becomes available in the shop. It would be nice to know what you think about it though? Any pointers and/or ideas?

Oh! And don't forget to get your Love Bug Yetis in time for Valentines day! A few of them are leaving me today!