Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tomo Yeti Black...

So here he is! I couldn't upload last night since my camera don't work very well when there is no daylight left so I had to wait and photograph him this morning instead. Anyway, now you've got the choice between the with yeti and the black yeti. Isn't that just great? I think so anyway :) As always you can find this little dude in my Etsy shop!
And here is the BIG fail of a plush Yeti! He's only got his face left, the rest I've ripped apart. I am happy with his face though but the rest of it looked like poop. Sad thing is all the material I've wasted. Expensive it was to -.- But I guess that sooner or later I'd run into a bump since things have worked so smoothly this far. I am happy again after doing the iPod case anways and got my confidence back so soon I will be on the ball with the Yeti plush again.

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