Monday, 30 January 2012

Last Week...

 Yeah last week was super busy. Not only did I get an order more or less every day but had that stupid dissertation of mine to finish of as well. The dissertation is now done and dusted big WOOOP! Soooooooooo relieved and happy that it is all over. Next is my major project which will be priority no 1 from tomorrow onwards. Anyway, yeah last week I had tuns of orders coming in, and nobody is happier than me. It is a bit hard to settle in to though since I'm not used to be organized LOL. But now I have to and I do enjoy it. As my sales start to pick up I am also making some money, which means more fabric and new designs. Only bad thing was that I no longer had any room for all my fabric.
The couch is full to....

 So I decided to be a good girl and sort my storage out and went and bought this bad boy. It helps allot. I can get the fabric I want to use out without pulling EVERYTHING out, also I'm not breaking my back sorting through those other stupid boxes. Problem solved and look how organized I am now ^^
 I also treated myself to some new fabric after handing in my dissertation. And this weekend I've tried to make up for the week I lost in new designs last week. I have made three new cases, one of which you will get to see today.
 And today the third batch of cases are being shipped. These two amongst others. I hope to keep you more updated this week as well!

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