Friday, 8 March 2013

Easter Buggle tiiiiime...

FINALLY! Yes that just took forever and a day. I have had them sitting here half done for about a week now. One thing has gotten in the way after the other. But they are finally done! The Easter Buggle can be found in the Etsy shop as usual. There is only four of these little sweeties though, so grab one qucik!

Also, yesterday was a crazy day. Tomo was featured on Etsy's FaceBook page! It brought sooo much traffic to my shop that I still feel a bit overwhelmed to be honest. I still can't believe that Tomo got featured by Etsy. I sure makes everything worth while and makes you feel I little bit special. I am so happy! Thank you Etsy!


  1. Omgosh! That bunny is so cute!


  2. How freaking cute!! Love it!


  3. So cute!! Kind of reminds me of the adorable Tribbles from Star Trek! :)

  4. Very cute, I'm going to have to pin this to my plush pinterest board! Congrats on being featured on Etsy's FB!! :)