Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Making of Foomi...

Oh! I am so happy that I had time to do this today. Should probably have cleaned the house, but neh! creativity comes first! So Foomi is getting closer to completion. I finished sculpting today and he's been baked and sanded too! So all I need to do now is to get some primer to give it a nice white finish and get rid of the scratches from the sand paper and then it is PAINTING TIME! Can't wait! Hope I wont mess him up though... <3


  1. Ooooh! This is so creepy and wonderful!
    I'm curious: why are certain areas pink? They look like 'implants', so I'm guessing they are a different material?
    Just curious about the process. =)

    Oh! Would you please accept a nomination for the Liebster Blog Award?
    The questionnaire is fun. Come see!

    1. Oh and yeah I will take part! Thank you for nominating me! <3

    2. Well the toy starts out as a white DIY vinyl toy from And what you can do is to use Super Sculpey to sculpt on your toy. The Sculpey clay is the beige or pink colour that you see on the toy and what you do before you start painting is to give it a nice matte primer finish, I prefer to use white. And that is the next step for this toy and then you can paint it with acrylics and I think it'll look awesome when it's done. I can't wait!

    3. Thanks for explaining the process! I knew something about this kind of 'blank canvas' toy but couldn't remember the name or where to find it...

      Can't wait to see the awesome finished thing –although I kinda like the pinkish areas, it makes it look like its flesh is tender, irritated. Very alive and only slightly disturbing ;)