Friday, 15 February 2013


Hi everyone! I am so sorry for my absence for the past week or so. Things have been mad around here. On Sunday I had an interview with Pets at Home and there was 16 other people there. I found out that 177 people had applied to the job and that got me really disheartened. I didn't hear anything from them on the Monday so I was convinced that I wouldn't get the job. This put me into a state of stress and I became really sad. I do have Tomo, but it has been hard to be on your own all the time, and to not have any social interactions for about five months have driven me insane. My home has become my prison rather than a home. And however romantic it might seem to work from home. It just isn't. It would have been ok I think if I had friends and family around me, but since I am new in Bournemouth I don't know anyone and my boyfriend is extremely busy in Uni. So I am left on my own most of the time.

Anyway, it has eaten me up and I cant seem to get anything done since I am feeling down all the time and my energy levels are very low. So, my boyfriend came home Monday night and decided that enough is enough, since it hurts him too to see me this way. So he helped me to re-write my CV and we started scanning the web for jobs. Tuesday morning my boyfriend took off Uni, and we took a long nice walk in to town, where we walked around and handed out my CVs. Funny thing is that the last Cafe we went to, needed someone to fill in on weekends and sometimes in the weeks and I worked my first day yesterday! I dono what happened but all of a sudden I got a job, oh and Pets at Home phoned me the very same day and asked if I could come for a second interview. So I did that as well but I don't think I got the job cause I would have heard from them yesterday in that case, and I have heard nothing. That is ok though cause this Cafe is great. It is not only a Cafe but also a place where people can come and paint ceramics. So it is an ART place! YEEEY! The greatest thing is that they are very flexible and I am able to do Tomo and SSC on the side. Everything has worked out perfect and I guess when people say that "Everything will be ok" they're right.

So no matter how dark today may seem, there is always a brighter day ahead. And I am back to my normal self. I got energy and the will to create again. So tomorrow I have decided will be a day of creativity!

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