Thursday, 11 October 2012

We're BAAACK!!!

Yes, finally internet have been installed in our apartment and everything is back to normal. I've been craving to get back online and I've really missed the blog and you guys!

Anyway in my absence, I have been working like a beast and also been fighting with the worst cold of my life. I have seriously never been so ill from a cold before. But it is finally after nearly two weeks starting to leave my body. I think the stress of the move, finding a job and being without the internet for way to long might have brought it on. Who knows?

I haven't got an awful lot of new things and most of the new things won't go up in the shop until I come home from Comic Con in about two and a half weeks. Depending on how much I've got left of course.

I am very nervous about London Comic Con. It will be the biggest convention in my life and Tomo's. 50,000 plus people visit the convention every day so it will be mental. I just hope that this will open up new doors for Tomo and that maybe we can open our own website/webshop when we get back. I'd like to focus on making more collectibles and custom toys but to do this I need more funds. I hope that the convention can be and opener for that as well.

As for the direction of Tomo, it is hard to decide where to go. I love making the ipod/iphone cases and think that I always will. From January onwards I hope to be making a monthly product for Tomo which will be made in a limited edition and be collectible. The normal stock will still be there but I can't keep making a new case every day since there wouldn't be enough room in my apartment to store all the material, also I am a one man band so I think I would be in to deep water as well haha.

But the future of Tomo will be decided in a few weeks time, when we go to London to meet our judgement. So don't forget to come and visit us at stall F1 in the London ExCel Centre between the 26th and 28th of October!

It feels great to be back!!!

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