Monday, 10 September 2012

Loading the van...

So today we're loading the van and tomorrow we're moving to Bournemouth. How about that?
Loading that van has been hard work but more or less everything is in there now. I can't believe how much stuff we've got? But to be honest this is the smallest load I've ever done. I used to have to move like three transit vans full when I was still living in Sweden and now we only got ONE yeeey! It is a whole home in there after all.
Things will be dead in here literately for the next three weeks. It will take a while to set up the internet in out new place but once it is up and running again I will have tuns of updates and news for you.

The Etsy shop will remain open but I won't be able to answered to questions and inquiries straight away. I will try to pop up to an internet cafe every day, but I do have allot of work to do. Not only to get things ready for London Comic Con, but I also need to find a job.

So I've got two long weeks ahead of me but hopefully I will come out on top. Fingers crossed!

Take care and I'll see you all when I am all sorted in Bournemouth!

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