Monday, 13 August 2012

LONDON MCM 2012!!!

YEEEY! It's all set! I've had some problems with my booking so until everthing was payed for and set in stone I didn't want to make any announcements. But today I paid and I am actually going to London MCM 2012!

You will be able to find us at F1 close to the Memorabilia Zone. Here's a floorplan:

I can't believe I am gooooooing!

There will be a few new products at the Con, there will be iPod/iPhone Halloween Special Edition Cases and mayyyyybe some Halloween jewellery as well depending on how much of my budget remains once I've sorted the rest of the stock out.

I will tell you more about it as it gets closer to the Con and there will be photos too. Wow I got some work to do now. Better get started soon as! >o<

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  1. Ypiiii!!!! Underbart hjärtat mitt!!!! :-))