Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pin Badges and Pocket Mirrors...

Hi all! I have finally landed after London Comic Con which was a BLAST! Yesterday I spent sorting out the remaining stock and preparing photos of all the new products that will go up in the shop this week. Besides these pin badges and pocket mirrors I've also got two new iPod/iPhone cases and two new Yeti Pouches. I will show you one of them each day this week so I don't bombard you with updates lol.
Anyway, you can find these badges as individuals or as a pack of 6 and the pocket mirrors in my Etsy shop now! I will tell you more about the Comic Con either later today or tomorrow!

Oh and by the way, I am having a little sale at the shop as well. Time to make room for new items! The items you find in the SALES section will never be made again so get them whilst you still can!

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