Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tomodachi Island - The Lost Yeti Continent

This week I got a visit from this old professor. He was an explorer that I had never met before. He travels the seas in search of new lands and sea creatures. On his travels he came across something very peculiar. An Island shaped like a heart drifting out to seas. This Island became his next mission to explore. It took him 10 long years and some parts are yet to be uncovered. On his quest he met many strange creatures that he had never seen before. They were not human, still they walked upright and lived in houses just like us. They called themselves Yeti Folk.

The Yeti Folk were very friendly creatures and took the explorer in and told him all about their ways and the history of their Island.

This Island somehow got stuck on a giant whale's back thousands and thousands of years ago and ever since it has been drifting around the seas of our planet. And maybe this is why none have ever seen it before.

The professor handed me all his research as he was going off on his next quest. And in the next coming weeks I will introduce you to the different areas and its inhabitants.

There are eight areas that have been explored so far, the remaining two are for me to explore myself.

So here it is. Tomodachi Island - The Lost Yeti Continent

P.S. With this information we will be changing our name from Tomo Ltd. to Tomodachi Island

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