Friday, 13 June 2014

The Moon Flower Buck: WIP 3

 Finally received the beads for my sculpture and he is now finished. I need to take him out for a photos shoot still though.
 I don't like selling off my work until I've got proper photos of them. To remember and to look back at.
 So once I've got some nice photos he will be up in the shop unless someone wants him before I get the chance to put him up.
 Let me know if you're interested!
 It was the first time I used rhinestones in my work. It is amazing how they can make things pop and look so much more luxurious(?)
 They were great to work with even though the smaller ones were extremely small. I found a good technique in the end though. They are absolutely impossible to handle with your fingers.
 Also applied some more flowers and he is sooooo fabulous now it is hard to imagine...
Going to try to get the photos done this weekend. But I won't promise anything as I am quite immobile at the moment. Only got just over 4 weeks to go now till the baby arrives :D:D:D:D So you can imagine what I look like. Like a bowling ball with legs basically ;) LOL

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