Thursday, 12 June 2014

Lotus and Markers...

 Yesterday I decided, after finishing all my orders for the week, to spend some time drawing. Haven't really had the time lately so it was nice to take a break from the computer and let my mind free on the white paper.
 I decided to use the drawings from the Lotus flower study I did a few weeks ago and it came out as a lovely drawing. At first I planned to do this in Illustrator. It's been so long since I used markers though, so I decided to use them instead.
 I can still make a cool Illustrator pattern out of them later on. And also the Cat face I did the other day for the phone case, really inspired me to use more markers in my work. I think this will look real pretty on a phone case as it is and will probably upload one once I've had it scanned in.
I really need an A3 scanner. I hate working in A4 format, there just aint enough space on the paper. On an A3 on the other hand, you can go wild and work much better with details and such. So I think an A3 scanner will be next on the shopping list. Now I have to wait for my other half to bring this to Uni and scan it there...
Anyways, hope you like it and I will see you again tomorrow! With some updates on the Moon Flower Buck :D

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