Monday, 9 June 2014

Website is LIVE!!!

My new Website is now live! I finished it last week and I am so excited about it. It is my very first proper website and it feels like I have a proper place to promote myself as an artist and graphic designer now. Something I always wanted.
 I'm really happy with the about page, but it is hard to stay professional when you talk about yourself and your life. I think I managed to keep it short and to the point. I would love to hear what you think? Does it need more, or maybe less?
I think I am most proud of the portfolio setup. You get a good overview without clicking on anything of what I can do and of what I can offer my clients. What do you think?
I've also designed myself a new business card which has the same theme as the website. I will have these printed at the end of the month I think and then start promoting my graphic design business for real. I can't wait. It will be great to start working in another area of the art market.

There is still a few sections to sort out on the website, like the "services" section for example. I want this page to be very swish and professional looking so I am working hard on getting that bit sorted at the moment. I have a busy week ahead of me though so I can't really say when I will find the opportunity to sort it out. However I would greatly appreciate your opinions and tips on how to make my website as good as possible. Would you be happy to hire me after what you have seen? Thank you all for your support!!!! You can visit the website >HERE<

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