Friday, 6 June 2014

The Moon Flower Buck: WIP 2

 He is getting closer to completion. I've finished all the major work but seem to receive the bits I need with 1-2 days apart. Running out checking the post all the time hahaha... I just want to finish!
 Anyway, he is primed and painted. Had to prime him on a windy roof top which was quite interesting. Got there in the end though, so all is good.
 I decided to go for a mint green and pastel pink colour as I wanted him to be sort of flowery.
 The colours also worked really well with the fur I'd chosen for him...
He's now sitting just above me as I work and it is highly annoying as all I want to do is to finish him. I hate waiting for post! Want it all NOOOOW! *grumpy face*


  1. Amazing sculpture! I enjoyed seeing the process and good luck with finishing the rest!

  2. Wow! Seeing the work in progress is really cool. Hope you get to finish this one soon. It looks great so far.