Saturday, 30 June 2012


Today I've had one of the most unproductive days in a long long time. I am trying to make weekends into weekends and give Tomo a rest so that I don't cook myself. So today I've done absolutely nothing at all and that led to boredom and endless searching the web for goodies.

Anyway, I came across this website called MILANOO! I have been looking for shoes for ages now. I really really don't like these extremely high heels that are in fashion now, and the fact that there are no shoes in between flats and super high heels has made me very angry lately, and in fact I've given up on ever finding pretty shoes without heals that are sky high. But things tend to show up when you stop looking for them (and when you haven't got any money to buy them). I stumbled upon a tumblr today that I unfortunately closed and can't remember the name of. But it was one of the best Japanese Pop Culture Tumblr's I've ever seen and I was stuck on it for about an hour just browsing endless photos of Japanese goodness. But it hit me while I was browsing, how much I looooooved the shoes all the Lolita girls were wearing, and sooooo I searched for "Lolita Shoes" with Google, and look what I found! The fact that I've filled up my shopping basket with 14 pair of shoes for £517 (-.-) is both a good and a bad thing. Let's just hope that I'll win the lottery soon!

If you love chunky Lolita shoes just as mush as I do, you just have to visit MILANOO. They ship world-wide and the prices are very reasonable. I can't give you a review of the actual shoe quality just yet, but I will once I've bought a pair! Cause I will as soon as I can afford it!

The shoes above are some of my favourites, but they've got so much more. Click the picture below to go to Milanoo and what I did was to enter "lolita footwear" in the search bar.

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