Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Forest Dwellers...

 The Fox
 The Stag
 The Owl
 The Weasel
The Hare

This is my secret little project I've been working on. These adorable creatures will be decorating pocket mirrors that I ordered today. They'll be with me in 4-8 business days, so fingers crossed I'll be able to have them up for sale next week at some point.

I call the range "Forest Dwellers" and if these do well, I can guarantee you that you will see other ranges too. I also plan on using the illustrations for art-prints later on. Obviously with more detailed backgrounds. I spent so much time drawing these so I thought it would be a shame NOT to make them into art-prints so that you can appreciate the detail in larger formats.

Anywaaaaays, happy days! I am looking forward to seeing them! Hope you are too!