Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A big one and a small one...

 I am feeling very productive this morning. I had the first batch of safety eyes delivered yesterday so this morning I woke up with tuns of inspiration. I've planned for these plushies to be made for a while now so it is great when everything comes together and you can channel all the inspiration that has been brewing in your mind, into something like this dude! I had so much fun making him and I think he's got tuns of character. I based him on my ipod cases and the rest of them will be based on the ipod cases too.

As for the little thing on his head, well that is a little mini-yeti phone charm. At the moment I only have on pair of eyes left in that size so there will only be one more mini-yeti phone charm made this week. I do hope to be able to order some more eyes next week and have more charms made up.

I am still waiting for the eyes I need to be able to make more iPod/iPhone cases. But I have plent of ideas for them as well.

Now, back to the crafts corner to make more Yeti Plushies! YEEEY! >u<

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