Wednesday, 27 June 2012


 MON-CHI! Another necklace pouch. I love everything about these. They are still a bit of a challenge to make and there is a few things I still need to figure out before the making becomes smooth lol. But the fact that I've managed to sort two out so far has made me very proud. I need to head in to town at some point to find more zippers, it's amazing that nobody sells them by the yard. I do know one place but it is far outside of town and when you only got a bike for transportation you get quite limited to how far you can go. There is one more place in town that I've forgotten to check though. These cases will be available as the original yeti cases too, but as you know I am waiting for safety eyes to come. I did get the batch I ordered from Asia but they were the wrong size (-.-')! I've ordered new ones from a different place now and they should be with me in about 2 weeks. Till then I dono what to do but I've gotten into the swing of making something new every day, so I need to make something otherwise I don't feel productive enough.... So back to the craft corner I go!

You can find Mon-Chi in my Etsy shop!!!

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