Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cardiff Comic Expo Day 2 and New Necklaces in store...

Day 2 at the Cardiff Comic Expo was even better than the first one. Yet again I didn't get the chance to walk around to have a good look and get some more photos. I tried getting some photos of whatever happened in front of the stall, but yeah these are all the photos I have :'( At least Dr Who is in one of them haha... And to all of you that were dressed up, WOW! So much work must have gone in to your costumes, they were truly amazing. And I loved the Cos Parade on the Saturday, you're all so darn cute! 

This Comic Expo went so well that we've decided to go to Bristol in May as well. I will come back with more info on that once we got our booking sorted out properly. I am already looking forward to it and there will be more accessories than just necklaces this time. Stay tuned!

And, all the necklaces you could find in our stall at Cardiff Comic Expo are now availabe online as well. Just click the necklace you're interested in and it will bring you to the shop section. Thanks again to all of you!

Here's the little advert I was playing at the Expo as well if anyone is interested:


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  1. Good to hear you are going to Bristol Expo :)
    I'll be sure to stop by your stall and no doubt be buying a fistful of awesome cute stuff!
    (Psst... Plushies! T-shirts! Stuff!)