Saturday, 3 March 2012

Design spree...

I have been on a designing spree over the past few days. I want to get as much sorted as possible before it is time for Bristol Comic Expo. So I've designed a new package for all my goodies, that will be with me in a few days. And I got a batch of hair-clips coming from America as well. I can't order the new charms just yet though due to funds. But I thought I'd get everything ready so that I can just send it all off once I get my money. So there will be another 7 (!) necklaces designs (along with the 5 here so 12 all in all) coming, hair-clips, earrings and a little surprise as a limited edition for the expo. I won't announce the surprise until a week before the expo though and the surprise will be available at the Bristol Comic Expo only (if I don't sell them all they will go up on Etsy after the expo). I can't wait to go now. I know that it is about 2 months away, but I am really looking forward to it. It will be my first PROPER Comic Expo, since I didn't have my own table at Cardiff, and that makes it a little bit  more exciting. I booked the table today by the way so we will definitely be coming!!!

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