Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bubble burst...

I've had to stay away from creating for nearly two weeks now and it is eating me up from the inside. First I went to Sweden for 8 days and when I finally got back home I just had to finish off my Major Project, which still aint finished. Almost there though and on Friday I will have my third presentation. I just had to stay away from Tomo but it has been killing me and tonight the bubble burst. I have felt empty and funny for a few days now and didn't understand why. Now I do! After having a cry on the couch I decided to put uni work aside and just make something quick, and here's what I made, at 12 in the morning. And guess what?!?! I feel good again and think I can get a good night sleep too. This is a little pre-taste of what is too be sold at Bristol Comic Expo in May. Hope you like him, he sure made my life a little bit easier <3

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