Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cardiff Comic Expo, Day 1...

This week might have seemed a bit quieter than the past ones. The reason for this is that I've been preparing for Cardiff Comic Expo. I've been assembling necklaces and charms like a mad woman. I got them all done in the end, with a little help from my boyfriend. 
I have now finished my first day at the Expo, and I have had a great time. Sold quite allot of necklaces so I am super happy with that. The atmosphere at the Expo is just amazing. Everyone is so happy and in their right element. I love watching all the cosplayers and artists and I wonder why I have never been to a comic con before. There will definitely be more in the future, and I also find it a great way to promote your business. Here are some photos of my little corner. I didn't have the chance to walk around the expo much, A; because I had my own things to tend to and B; because it was more or less impossible to get out from behind the both once you were in hahaha. I hope I'll be able to get you come nicer photos after tomorrow. And also, these necklaces will be up in the shop on Monday.
Didn't have any room left to have my portfolio on display so these three had to hang on the front of the table hehe
And to keep myself occupied and not fall asleep I was doing some doodling in my notebook hehe... I was so tired in the end, there is so much to take in, even though you just sit in one spot the whole time.
Anyway, I had a great day and am really looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks to all of you who stopped by my spot and bought my necklaces, there is no words for how much I appreciate it!


  1. Your store looks beautifully laid out. I love those necklaces!! Love the "doodling", i wish my doodles looked that impressive!!

    1. Thank you sweetie! I can't wait to have my own stall where I can go absolutly bananas with things though. Going to Bristol Comic Expo in May where I will have my own table so I can't wait for that! Glad you like my doodle. It became a finished drawing in the end though lol <3

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