Thursday, 16 February 2012

Good and Bad...

 Yeah things are going up and down, not because things are working bad with Tomo, no it works so well that it is killing me lol! Just kidding! Tomo is working great and I love every second of it. The only problem is that my uni-work is suffering, and that on the other hand is not good at all. So I have come to some decisions. Since I've got more jewellery on its way I will fill Tomo's Etsy shop with those instead and for now I will stop making the iPhone/iPod cases. FOR NOW! They will be back once I've finished Uni. So in June at some point they will be back in store. The necklaces don't take me half as long to assemble as a yeti case for example, so they are much more suited for part time work.

Anyway, Tomo's first necklace hit the store yesterday, his name is Frostbite and he is super duper cute! You can find him in my Etsy shop. Soooooooo happy with these little charms. So happy that I went ahead and made another 5 designs and ordered 100 of them. Check em' out!
Also, next weekend I'm going to Cardiff Comic Expo, and there I was supposed to promote my cases but since I've decided to pause the production I will be selling these badboys instead. I don't have many, only about 20 /design so if you're planning on going if you're in the UK area then hurry up to my booth! I am going with my Uni so you will find me at the Swansea Metropolitan University table. I will be there both Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. The pendants are cute!

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