Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What Nature Can Bring...

 Good morning everyone out there! My first week of freedom have started and this is what I've done so far. I started the week with having a smaller meltdown due to the stress of getting everything ready for the babys arrival I guess. We've got everything ready so I really don't know where this stress comes from. I think it's just the hormones. So Monday was a complete write off besides the fact that it got me out. I needed air and I also needed to sort out some props for my new mobile phone cover photos.
 So we took a stroll down to the beach, which has become one amazing effort. It took a good while to walk back I can tell you that much. It is all down hills to the beach, which means it is all up hills coming back. It is no walk in the park when you're pregnant.
 I did find loads of free props on the beach and in the woods though. Pine-cones, seashell, oyster shells, white stones, branches and sticks. The feathers I bought of Ebay UK and they are stunning too. I have always loved feathers, but I don't like picking them up in the nature anymore, unless it is an Amazing one. I collected feather when I was a child and I can remember that sometimes they had little mites and stuff on them. Ueeeeak! I don't want that in my home so I rather buy them. But as a kid you just don't care about those things I guess.
 I kept some of the pine-cones natural. But found two that hadn't opened up yet. I think they look almost like armadillos and for some reason I thought painting them in black and while would look cool...
 And so I did... And they came out pretty cool don't you think? They work great as props! I wanted to keep the props quite simple, with neutral colours, so that they don't take away too much from the actual case I'm selling.
 More pine-cones and stones. I ended up giving the stones a lick of paint as well. I wanted them to be proper white and not a sandy white. It is impossible to find proper white stones unless you buy them. But I'm not ready to spend £10 on something I can get for free in the nature.
 I also ended up painting the twigs and sticks I found in black an white. They came out great too. I started the actual photo shoot yesterday but didn't finish everything. It is so much more work then you think but so far I am very happy with how the photos are coming out and my new photo library already have 40 different variations of promotional photos for my phone cases. Here are a few sneak peaks on what I achieved yesterday:
I would love to hear what you think. Do you think it will give my MobiLOVE shop a good face lift?


  1. Wow that looks wonderful! Your pics have come out lovely!

    1. Thank you! Definitely worth two whole days of work ^^ hehe

  2. I think the props really make your item stand out, gorgeous photos!

  3. Wow..that looks awesome. Definitely adds to your product pictures.