Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Preggy Presents and an overworked mind...

A new week and with new tasks to complete. First of all I have to show you my new collectible: BUBBLES!
My Brother in law and uncle to be Ryan gave me this Dolly Oblong resin toy as a pregnancy present! I've wanted Bubble ever since I saw the preview and it is very limited to only 15 pieces. I couldn't afford him when he was released and I sat there starring at him for a good while hovering over the "Add to Basket" button. However I decided not to as I have more important things to spent my money on at the moment. So yeah was I happy to open my preggy present.... Omg! So HAPPY! I love Bubbles and he fits so well in to the rest of my Dolly Oblong collection! Thank you Ryan!
 Other than me being super excited about Bubbles I haven't been very creative lately. Well I have, in my head, but not physically. And being creative in my head, not finding the time to do anything about it, has drained allot of my energy. I haven't slept much due to a fizzy head. So the other night I decided to just get up in the middle of the night and start drawing.
 I got up around half past two and drew till about 6.00 in the morning. My head was still fizzy though and I only managed to get a few hours sleep. When I got up Ceri told me to sit down and write it all out and I did. Man, did that help. I've researched all the materials I need for this new idea, got prices and stockists sorted, written an action and marketing plan and now all I have to do is wait and save up so that this idea of mine can come true. It will cost allot more to finalize than any of my earlier products and therefore it will take allot longer. But it is a challenge I am well up for and I think it will help me bloom as an artist and business woman. You can see a blurry sketch of my idea in the background of the little fawn creature but that is all I can show you for now.
 I've also been hunting for new better or even luxury quality furs. And I have finally found what I was looking for. THESE FUUUUURS! OMG! They are still fake as I would NEVER work with real fur. But my god do they feel real. I have to put them away, out of sight, or I just can't stop stroking them. They are really something. So there will be new products made out of these furs in the future. They do cost about double the price from what I use at the moment though, so prices will go up. I will however keep the furs I use at the moment to give you guys a good price range and affordable products.
I also had a delivery yesterday. My new Phone Cases! Yes! I can finally offer you the choice of white or black. I've been going mental trying to find black phone cases with white plastic inserts. As most people use sublimation these days it is very hard to find products that are suitable for printing. But now I've got them, and I got them for Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 as well. Which means I will be able to offer you lot a wider range of phone cases too.

And that is that... Not much fun this week for you to look at, but many things that will mean more fun things to look at in a near future. And I only got three days left in work.... then I am FREE! Oh I can't wait! Prepare yourself for an avalanche of projects and just crazy creativity in general! Starting next week! Until then, have a great week!


  1. I totally get the 'fizzy head' when I'm not allowing myself to be creative! It's almost like this urgent need to make/create something and until you do you just feel off balance. Or... at least that how I feel. :) Yay, for new phones cases and faux furs! Have fun. :)

  2. I love your work, you are so creative! I do think working on a bigger project is good, even when it is more expensive. I am sure the results will be awesome!

  3. Great and inspiring work! It seems to be fun :)

  4. Wow, so much energy and inspiration! Love your photos!