Thursday, 20 March 2014

Trikky and Munny...

What are you lot up to today? I got a day full of work but have made some plans for tomorrow. It is Friday after all and I am working at my part-time job all weekend. So I decided that tomorrow is me time....

I got these Trikky and Munny DIY dolls for Christmas and they've been sitting around for long enough now I think. I've had my mind set on the designs for them for quite a while, but I like to make my ideas stew for a bit if there is anything I might want to change.

After doing all the reading on Etsy the other day I've decided to make weekly set goals and this is part of my first week. As I am a working artist I do take my "personal" projects in to mind when it comes to work as well. It is important to me as an artist to feel that I have a free mind and a choice. When I don't variate my work I tend to go in to "robot" mode and I slowly head down a steep hill when I do this. There is a fine line between work and free-time when you spend most of your time working with what would be your spare time if that makes any sense at all. I'm sure most of you know what I mean. Anyway, Friday is creative day. No computers, just clay my models and myself in mah bubble! lol 

Today I got a load of cases to finish off and I've also noticed and decided something very important in my work from home life. I suck at taking breaks. I get up, have my breakfast in front of the computer, where I read all my blogs and sort my own blog out as well as all the social media. After that I get stuck in my slackies working all day. I do take a break when I am so hungry that my tummy hurts, but that is it. Not a great way to work I think. So today at around 13.00 I am taking my man for a coffee and a stroll around the neighborhood. And this is going to be a daily routine for me. I live in the middle of a beautiful town center which I never seem to take advantage of, so now I'm going to and I am going to feel great about it. 

Oh and I have to tell you about my new best friend. My NOTE BOOK! I always envied people with note books, however silly that may sound. But I was always useless at taking notes. Maybe because I never found anything interesting enough to take notes of and rather scribbled little funny characters in them than anything else. But now that I have found a path, a calling, I tend to write every single little quote or good point on how to make a good business, down. It is always next to me now when I surf the internet for information, or just for fun, it seems to come in handy everywhere. Maybe I'll start carrying it in my hand bag as well.

Lesson for today: NOTE BOOKS ROCK!


  1. Hi there! Great post! The Trikky and Munny dolls look like such fun. :) notebooks are quite great, no? I have all kinds.. Ones for taking business notes, sketches, ideas, lists... Just whatever. Its nice to have them on hand. I totally understand about it being hard to take a real break.. When you have so much to do its hard not to multi task.. Good luck! :)

  2. I suck at taking breaks too, unless I am so tired I just can't do anymore. Sometimes I think it is awesome, other days I wish I could just turn myself off.