Monday, 24 March 2014

My Friday; The day of Sculpting...

 Hope all of you had a great weekend! I worked all weekend but managed to take some time of on Friday. So I thought I'd show you my Friday in pictures. It was also the day of sculpting. Which I did plenty of!
 I started the day with editing pictures and uploading the Bunny Hat tutorial and then me and my other half went out for lunch and a lovely walk in the spring sun. I wouldn't mind living here, I can see myself decorating that balcony with loads and loads of flowers and greens... If only!
 We got a beautiful park just down the road from where we live that leads straight to the beach. This is probably one of my favorite places in Bournemouth. I think mainly because it is so quiet and all you can hear is birds singing. It is hard getting away from people and traffic when you live in such a busy town as Bournemouth. So I really appreciate this place. It is like a little sanctuary.
 Spring sun!
 One day I'm going to photograph one of my sculptures here. A sculpture I am yet to make and it needs to be very foresty looking I think and a bit mystical :)
 Wonder where this leads? Probably to someones property, so I've never dared to walk up....
We finally made it to the beach where it was super windy and super cold, but we were set on having our lunch there and so we did. As long as the sun was out it was fine, it warmed you up nicely. And sorry for the Instagram photos, there was so much sand blowing around and I wasn't allowed to use the camera. You don't want sand in your camera....
The beach in Bournemouth is beautiful this time of the year, and it is also the only time you can enjoy it properly. In a few months you won't be able to see the sand anymore. Last summer at the peak season there was 70 000 + people on the beach at one time. And last weekend when we had a hint of summer with 18 degrees warm there was probably somewhere around 10 000 people down there. I had a panic attack and started crying and we had to walk above the beach after climbing about 500 steps of stairs, to get away. I am a bit too sensitive right now that I'm pregnant and all, but I don't like crowds of people and I hope that I can afford to buy a house on the country side one day, where I can get away.

 Anyway, Friday on the beach was great, and when I got back home it was SCULPTING TIME! So these are the things I use when I sculpt...
 I couldn't live without my sculpting tools. These are for wax carving but works wonders with Scupley too.
 I only just started using clay shapers and WOWIE are they good or what. It is so easy to get smooth fine details with these things. Definitely a must if you want to work with clay of any sort. They just make life so much easier.
 I always drift of when I sculpt and totally forgot to take photos as I was sculpting. I am not completely finished yet as I changed my mind about a few things. The red eyed one will get paws as well and I also decided not to use the hat I made the other day. I will use it for something in the future, but not for this Munny. Got other plans now that I will show you once I am done.
 So yeah, it became a bunny like creature and a cat like unicorn creature. Got some finishing touches left to do and then I need to burn them, prime and paint, as well as making accessories. Oh! Can't wait to get them done!
As for this coming week I've got allot to do. I have started making weekly lists of what to achieve and I think these will really help me to get back on track with my life and especially my business. So it is time to pull out the note pad and get planning.
What are your plans for this week?


  1. Those sculptures are so cute!! I also love the picture with the tree on all of the roots. Very nice shoot.

    1. Thank you hun! Oh I love that tree. I don't know how many times I've walked past it and every time I have to stop and stare and go "oooooh" lol ;)