Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Galaxy, Buggles and Pigeons...

So, I managed to get hold of a Samsung Galaxy dummy phone! I have been planning to do cases for Samsung Galaxy for a while now but I don't like to offer products for devices I can't test the products on  before sending them out. My boyfriend told me in the middle of me ranting that I could get dummy phones (display models, none working)! I had no idea! But now I have my first one anyway and so I can offer all of you lot with Galaxy S3's and S4's sleeves too! How great is that?! Well I sure am happy to be able to serve more people around the globe!
I am trying to finish this lot off as well. All the Buggles I started ages ago. The Buggles in the shop are now sold out so I thought it'd be about time I put up some more. So in a few days they will be available for you guys. I will let you know and make a nice little post with all of them together.
Also, in this hot weather birds are really struggling out there to find water! Loads of birds are dying, but you can help out. It is as simple as this. Just put a Tupperware box or a bucket of water (not to deep, we don't want them drowning whilst trying to help) out for the birds to drink out of and to take a bath in. We're enjoying company every day from these two, and yesterday there was 5! of them. All in the box at once! It goes to show how desperate they are for water. So help our fellow bird friends out! It's so simple! ^.^

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