Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Back online...

Hello all you lovely people out there! We're back online, well we have been for a few days now but I've been very busy trying to catch up with orders. Anyway, my secret project is back on track and I will be working hard on this from now on. I hope to have it up by the end of July or I will have to punish myself with something horrible like no chocolate until Christmas or something like that.
Now then, to the reason why we had to move again. I didn't want to tell you while I was still living in the old place. But now that we're out I think it's safe.
As you know we moved to Bournemouth last September, and the experience have been not so great to say the least. In the rush of finding an apartment we ended up taking the first one we saw. It was crazy as all new students tried finding a new home at the same time as us, so flats were gone the second they came up on the websites and it was all very stressful. Anyway, we were happy with out choice, but I had a bad tummy feeling about it.
It was ok for the first few months, however little problems started appearing around the flat, like damp and then we found a leak that nobody would sort out. The flat just seemed to grow smaller and smaller. But then about 4 months ago, the old estate agent decided to move in heroin addicts in the ground floor flat. Great idea! And after that one incident after the other just made life a living hell in that place. There were drug dealing going on in the back yard, fights, people trying to kick in doors, bikes being stolen from the locked bike shed (including my boyfriends), people over dosing and so on and so forth. It came to the point where I  couldn't sleep in fear of someone climbing on to the roof to break in to our flat. I was scared when I left the house and when I came back. I was so frustrated and scared in the end that I was just crying, and felt like a prisoner in my own home. 
So we finally decided that enough was enough when my boyfriends bike got stolen. We went in a mad search for a new flat. And wow we have seen some horrible places! Luckily, the last one we had booked in was AMAZING! And in the area we wanted too. It is lovely up here. Even to we live in the middle of a town center, it is quieter than where we lived before. People up here are so nice and friendly and you barely see any problems at all. It is great to say the least. It is in an old building from the 1800's so it's got loads of quirkiness to it, with weird angels and massive windows. I am very happy here to say the least! And on top of that we have to a roof terrace! Yeeey!

Currently I'm working on sorting my office/studio out and I won't show you any pictures until it's all done. I need to sort some curtains out but have realized that with big windows also comes big costs, when it comes to curtains, so I think that might have to wait for a little bit. But yeah there is a few bits and bobs like that that I need to sort out before I can invite you to my boudoir haha.

It is great to have a whole room dedicated to your creativity though. It has given me even more inspiration (like I needed it!) for new projects. First of all I need to clear my overdraft though. I have never ever had one in my whole life but there was no other way to get out of the hell hole we were in so I guess it was for a good cause hehe.

Anyway, I am back and soon I will have some new goodies for you as well.


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