Monday, 23 April 2012


In the middle of Yeti making, jewellery assembling and major project stressing, along with getting everything ready for Bristol Comic Expo, I apparently thought that I didn't have enough to do. So I made some Wabbitz charms! I am scared that my table will look empty at the convention ( only got 20 different necklace designs, 50 yetis, 7 different hair-clip designs, bookmarks, business cards, portfolio and 40 Wabbitz ) maybe I should stop before I cook myself. Oh and I made a cool cover for the table as well....... I think I have over done it, but I can't stop until I am finished. It is my first convention after all, it is only normal to be super excited, yeah?


  1. Those charms are cute! It sounds like you have plenty for your table, I hope it's a success!

    1. Oh I really hope so... Thank you! <3