Friday, 20 April 2012

DZ Magz Feature!

I did an interview for DZ Magz a while back. I almost forgot about it since it has been so long now. But today they issue is finally out and I love it. The interview is great and I was given 9 (!) pages!!! The magazine looks great and you should definitely go and check it out. It is an online magazine and is free to download. It features a TUN of amazing artist. You can download issue 12 HERE, and you can find the old issues there as well. Make sure you download it, it is put together so nicely!


  1. Awesome! Congrats, it looks awesome! Your artwork is so good, do you have a seperate DA account for your art and a different one for the Tomo store?
    xx PC

    1. Hiya! Yupp got a different deviant for my art:
      Thank you so much! <3