Monday, 19 January 2015

Crystal Bearers...

Good morning everyone out there! First post after Christmas and New Years so Happy 2015 to you all! I had loads of projects going on before Christmas but could not show you any of them as they were meant as Christmas gifts. Here is the first lot anyway. My little crystal bearers. 

This white one were for my mum and it is carrying a little Rose Quartz nugget around its neck.

The grey crystal bearer were for my mother in law and it is carrying three little nuggets of Amethyst around its neck.

I had great fun making these and it was very interesting to read up on and learn allot about crystals. I will definitely be working allot with crystals in the future. And since I loved making these little creatures so much I am planning to do a limited edition run of 10 for the shop. I would love to know who is interested and I will be taking pre-orders in a few weeks hopefully. They will come in five different colours with five different crystals and there will be two of each colour/crystal available.

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