Friday, 31 October 2014

A Forest Oracle...

Hello everyone! Long time no see.... As you might understand I am super busy being a new mom and everything. My little baby Nova turned three months yesterday! Can't believe how fast time moves. The only spare time I've got these days I tend to spend on making and shipping the orders I get during the months and not much time is left to create new things. However, I wanted to make something very special for my mom on her birthday. So I set a few days aside and made her this Forest Oracle. It is a sculpture mixed with Sculpey and Needle felting. I love mixing the two mediums and I will definitely make more to sell. I am in love with the process and I love working with the sheep's wool. It even smells like sheep. Amazing! Anyway, hope you like it and I hope there wont be three months to my next blogentry. I really miss you guys! 

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